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ColorOz importer of quality designer European wallpaper.

ColorOz is a wholesale supplier of quality imported European wallpapers and wall posters. Located in Wangaratta VIC, we can deliver Australia wide. Our range is primarily Dutch wallpaper, famous for its quality and innovative designs.Onszelf, Wallisyou & D'Imago are all names associated with the finest wallpapers available.

Wallpaper Collections

onszelf wallpaperOnszelf(Ourselves) is a lifestyle brand by the two Dutch designers, Astrid Nieuwenburg and Claudia Drube. They inspire and complement each other. All their collections are designed as a partnership which makes for interesting products. After working together for three years at wallpaper company Eijffinger, they decided to start their own business. Onszelf has a gorgeous collection of wallpaper that is different from the usual designs. A wonderful collection that includes a great range of wallpapers for children's bedrooms and playrooms.
Paris Chique - Storyland - Collection Xs - Glamour - Stoer - WOW

wallisyou wallpapersWallisyou creates a stunning range of classic wallpapers with a modern twist. Their collections include contemporary, bold themes and subdued subtle design wallpapers. Wallisyou creates wallpapers suitable for any room, from classic designs to ultra modern ideas. Their designs give your imagination the freedom to create you perfect space.
Linea Futura - Life Style - Kiruna - Artisan - Floral

D'Imago wallpapersThe D'Imago creates traditional designs in bold and exciting new ways. Their wallpapers are exceptional quality that give new life to any room in your house. With an excellent array of wallpapers to suit a child's first room, D'Imago is truly a design company of both vision and practicality. Their use of colour and form bring new brilliance to the traditional art of wallpaper.
New Traditionals - My First Room - New Vintage

Quality European Wallpaper

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